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Christmas by the Lake

We would like to thank all our wonderful patrons that came to our 2nd Performance of the Christmas Play and Carols.

We had such a blast and are recovering from the long journey of our effort and teamwork to pull this event together.

We appreciate all the donations that we have received to date, as this helps us in being able to put events like these on for you.

All proceeds will go towards the Moogerah Passion Play site facilities upgrades. 🙏

Donate today at via our Donation page by click here.

We hope to see you all again next year for our Easter Passion Play 2024 season. We started the countdown and look forward to showing you our He’s Alive production.

If you would like to join our association and be apart of the cast or crew, please contact us TODAY!


The Moogerah Passion Play needs your help, after 30 Years of Peformances and 30 years of wear and tear on our theatre and site there are things needing urgent attention and without getting them repaired/replaced we are unable to continue the great performances you are use to.

So Today we are launching our own Fundraiser page through GoFundMe to help raise cost we need to be able to get these items attended to.

All Donations/money gifts to The Moogerah Passion Play over $2 are Tax Deductible as the MPPA Inc is a Deductible Gift Recipient (GDR).

Go Fund Me below

So please help us TODAY and DONATE!

God Bless.

Moogerah Passion Play



Casting Call !!!!

Do you want to be apart of the Christmas by the Lake 2023 November Performance?

We are calling on all actors and actress (cast) and also behind the scene (crew)!




Please watch out for further updated on our social media platforms and this website for any changes.


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Want to Join the Team?

To express your interest, simply click CONTACT page for details…

Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers, so we may not be able to return your enquiry straight away, but rest assured we will.

Moogerah Passion Play

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