About the Play

What is the Moogerah Passion Play?

The Moogerah Passion Play is a dramatic account of the Passion of Christ
(His life, death and resurrection).
Such plays have been performed by communities in Europe down through the ages,
to teach others the central truths of the Bible.

The Moogerah Passion Play uses up to 100 actors, technicians, backstage and front-of-house helpers etc.
Up to eleven denominations are involved in this ecumenical event each year.
Performances take place in an open-air auditorium on the shores of beautiful Lake Moogerah,
in South-East Queensland, Australia.

The Last Supper

Statement of Purpose

Why are we staging a Passion Play?

Be sure it is a labour of love,
for months of preparation go into the performances,
many thousands of woman-and-man hours of work into each scene, but it is far more than that.

Each night that we celebrate the life and love of Jesus Christ is like bringing a little gift to the altar of God.
You see, we are very grateful that God gave us the gift of Jesus Christ.

As Christians we believe that Jesus Christ is the Incarnate Son of God, that He came to teach us not only a way of life, about being caring and compassionate to each other, but to teach us about God.
And He came to teach us about eternal life.

Now it seems to us, that these days more and more people are thinking less and less about the spiritual life. More and more people are concentrating on the physical side of their lives and forgetting the spiritual side.

This tremendous imbalance which is costing society dearly, is perhaps costing you dearly.

Jesus Christ is a personal saviour. He is alive in spirit form. He asks you to come to Him.

As Christians we believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for us. He could have chosen not to die, as you will see in the play, but He chose to do His Father's will.

The Crucifixion

Judged only by human standards He is an amazing man, and there is no way a Passion Play can do justice to Him. Apart from His extraordinary healing power, which He always played down, and the charisma which drew thousands to hear Him, His display of courage was sublime - for He knew that as soon as He started His ministry
(it lasted only four years) the evil in men would kill Him.

And dying, He forgave us all.

The cross is central to Christian belief because in it God displayed how love can transcend cruelty and violence. In addition, and more importantly, without the cross there could have been no empty tomb, and therefore no Resurrection.

And it is the risen Christ that gives our story its happy-ever-after ending. It is the risen Christ who demonstrated for the first time that death has no sting, that it is possible to live a spiritual life in the mystical arms of God, that we can actually approach eternity with joy - if we believe.

Only two things are necessary (it couldn't be simpler). The belief or faith just mentioned and a sense of our own wrong-doing (sin). We can unload the burden, and this is what Jesus Christ is all about. Some of us carry around enormous burdens (e.g. anxiety, guilt, stress) quite unnecessarily. Please know that Jesus Christ has asked us to come to Him, please know that He is waiting for you to drop your burden at His feet, please know that if you can do it you will grow ten feet tall, please know that He will love you...
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